Our Story

Our company started from the picture that you see in the middle, just a lifestyle goal and a crappy logo drawn on paper. The logo went from a drawing, to vectorized art, to a logo on some hats, t-shirts, an e-commerce site etc. We've come some way, but only because we continue to work. No 9 to 5 Apparel is a lifestyle based on chasing and catching your dreams. Don't let anyone kill your dreams or take away your drive! Persevere and have faith in the work you put in: we will continue to motivate and believe in you!                                      

We believe in your dreams and goals no matter how big or small. "No 9 to 5" means loving your career and being passionate about your career. Regardless of the hours you work, if you love what you do, it will never be a dull "9 to 5 job." We know that people doubt you and you may even doubt yourself, but we encourage you to consistently strive for your Dreams no matter how tough the path gets. If you haven't found your passion yet, it is okay, we know you are destined for great things beyond your imagination. In the end, we are average with an above average work ethic and with a one of a kind work ethic, anything is possible!